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Surprises - Part 2

Posted on Tue Jul 28th, 2020 @ 8:10pm by Captain Frank Kamar Jr. & Lieutenant Commander Arianna Sky Kamar & Major Naomi Sylan Griffiths & Lieutenant Deannen Roinu & Lieutenant Shri'Rao Sh'veqan & Lieutenant JG James Trallos MD & Lieutenant JG Zassia Sh'zyllit

Mission: Discovery


Back on the bridge, the viewer displayed the large image of the Kazon, his smile turned to a frown with the Captains words. "Captain Kamar, I see that your Federation are conquerors. You travel I to our space, go to our planets and then claim them for your own and threaten all who enter. We are Kazon, and slaves to no being!" He said as he beat his fist against his chest.

The Kazon's smile returned as he turned and walked to the half-deck behind him where another Kazon was working a terminal. He stood next to to the Kazon and eyed him. "Jal Razlor, today, your son, and many others earn their names and become warriors." He said with a smile. The other Kazon stiffened with pride and smiled at the news.

"Our harvest will be greater than I believed today." The Maje declared and put his hand on the shoulder of the Kazon he had just talked to. At the moment of contact, the channel closed and two plasma torpedos launched from the Kazon ship and were sent barreling to Pennsylvania. Seconds later, the energy buildup that Saffiya had reported became clear as small Kazon Raider vessels launched, partially hidden from their masking circuitry.

“Multiple signatures coming from the vessel, most likely boarding parties,” Sh’zyllit stated, as routinely as if explaining how she took her coffee.

“Helm, evasive manoeuvres NOW!” Frank barked in response.

Saffiya checked through the secondary helm controls, matching Lt Rouni's manoeuvres and feeding power into the impulse engine for better manoeuvrability. She then expanded the forward scanner range to the maximum in case of further Kazom incursions or any other vessels in the vicinity. She changed screens on the panel and made sure that the smaller approaching Kazon vessels were patched into Penn's targeting matrix.

The ship rocked and tilted before the inertial dampeners caught up. That was the nature of combat making the ship do the impossible and gracefully as possible.

“Return Fire, focus on engines, we don’t want them getting away.” Frank hoped by taking out the engines they couldn’t produce power to shoot, it was a long shot but one he thought might work. He processed the situation before continuing to issue orders.

"Returning fire Captain", Shri'Rao said.

"Phasers firing, torpedoes away. A hit moderate damage to their forward shields, Captain. It appears they their shields are double front, their aft quarter is relatively undefended". Shri'Rao stated. "They are returning fire with some sort of plasma enveloping weapon", The ship rocked with the hit.

"Sir, shields reduced to 85 per cent but firming up again. They hit us with 200 Gigawatts of plasma energy", Shri'Rao reported. "They are manoeuvring for another attack and the other ships are launching fighters.". Shri'Rao reported.

"Focus Phasers on their fighters, keep launching torpedos at the cruiser, we have to get through them eventually," Kamar replied beginning to grow concerned.

“Ops, let me know the damage received and try to keep power to the shields and weapons no matter what.”

"Yes, Captain" the Operations officer responded and turned their attention to their station.

“Science, I want long-range scans, these guys never travel alone, layer heat tracking on the scans I want to know if they’re hiding behind a moon or asteroid.”

“Science understands,” Sh’zyllit replied calmly, loud enough to be clearly heard throughout the bridge. She quickly got to work bringing up different sensor packages and expanding the data collection of the surrounding system to report back.

Frank felt the ship moving as Pennsylvania moved to dodge the incoming torpedoes, he was about to warn Doc Trallos to prepare for possible casualties when he felt the ship buck from receiving around. “Doc, prepare for casualties.”


=/\=We're ready down here Captain. Start sending any my way. I'll keep ya posted as I can.=/\= the Doctor replied. He thought back to the beach he had just come from, the warm purple water, the smell of the breeze and the many drinks he had with various members of the crew. He made a mental note to remember those thoughts when this was all over.


Lt Rouni masterfully moved the Penn to place the Penn on the port side of the Kazon ship. "Evasive manoeuvres Kamar Omega One. Captain, Klingons report there is a weakness in the following locations of the Kazon shields in past. I am sending coordinates to weapons now." As she brought the ship into a position it shuttered from an impact. "Shields holding at 90% Captain." Lt Rouni stated.

"Captain they are launching fighters". Shri'Rao reported. 12 fighters coming at us in a wedge formation at 216 Mark 4." Shri'Rao stated.

While all this was going on Naomi tapped her Commbadge =/\= Griffiths to Engineering =/\=


=/\= Arianna here, what is hitting us? It's causing problems here. I have overloads in several secondary systems, and my shields are getting hit hard, " she said quickly.

=/\= Commander Kamar, make sure the ships shields and power systems remain online, we are entering combat and there maybe battle damage popping up =/\= the First Officer warned.

=/\=Understood, I'll see what we can do,=/\= Arianna said. this is not going to bode well. Yarinna better is flying her ass off out there or we're going to get creamed down hereOo swearing-in Klingon again.


M'relar was still on security grounds with other Security talking about here might be a problem in the ship. M'relar told the other security to split up and watch for uninvited guests around. After that M'relar headed on and one
other security officers to help. M'relar Tapped her comm badge.

=/\= Lieutenant Sh'veqan this is Ensign K'relar Security has been tight so far, are you doing ok on your end, anything we security need to help you?=/\= M'relar asked the security Chief.

=/\= M'Relar prepare to repel boarding parties, if they get through the shields that is certain to happen.=/\= Shri'Rao said.


The ship rocked again and again.

"Shields down to 55 per cent Captain" Shri'Rao stated.

The ship rocked from another hit, Rouni kept manoeuvring the ship to protect the weaker areas of the shields. This bought engineering time to try and reestablish the shields stronger. She knew if the shields got weaker the Kazons would attempt to board the Penn. She made a decision and brought the Penn to a point where we were higher than the Kazon ship. and adjust the pitch of the ship.

This gave weapons a better angle to fire on the Kazon ship and to make the Penn a little more defensive able.

Kamar tactics omega 3 and delta blue 14 implemented at the same time.

His knuckles turned white as he held on to his Captain's chair, the cruiser on the screen flashed as multiple phaser bursts and torpedoes struck shields, he felt Pennsylvania vibrate as she shook off hits like a prizefighter. He knew those shudders were most likely causing casualties but he had to try to hold it together.

"Keep your eyes open and try to find an opening Sh'veqan, Open up with whatever we have," Sweat beaded on his forehead as concentrated absorbing the information around him.

As the battle was unfolding the ship was shaking like a drunken Klingon in a happy mood causing Griffiths to hold onto her chair for dear life as the hits struck the shields. Then she remembered something "Lieutenant Sh'veqan divert all non-essential power to shields and weapons, take all but engineering and Medical replicators offline" Griffiths ordered.

"Aye Major, diverting power now. Sensors indicate that the enemy Kazon ship is moving strangely like it is crippled. If we come to 111 Mk 14 we can use the Tupelo manoeuvre and hit them with photon torpedoes on instrument sighting, their aft shields are at a minimum, Sir." Shri'Rao advised.

“Captain, two more Kazon Cruisers appearing on sensors,” Sh’zyllit piped up, the monotone of her voice betrayed by slight emotion.

"Captain recommend we break out of orbit and increase to warp 4. We need a fighting space or we will be outmanoeuvred. Firing ventral phasers. Another hit on the lead vessel her starboard shields are down and they are venting drive plasma. Our shield is up but they won't last long at 28 per cent. Point defence phasers have taken out there fighters. Shri'Rao stated.

"Make it so helm, Security try to keep up the pace with the weapons," Frank said.

Rouni replied, " Kamar tactics omega 3 and delta blue 14 implemented at the same time. Aye sir",as she moved the ship masterfully like she was playing chess. Then she heard that 2 more Kazon Crusiers was approaching to join the fight. She grumbled a few choices words and kept doing everything she could to protect the ship.

"Damn," Kamar said barely audible, they could barely against two let alone three,

"Captain I have an idea. Let's take the ship into the corona of the star. This ship can utilize metaphasic shielding. The Kazon are not known to possess this technology. We could set up a chain reaction once in the core and have the star itself destroy each of the Kazon vessels. At least those that give chase, it will at least even the odds." Shri'Rao suggested.

"Let's give it a shot, it might work," Kamar replied. "Helm, make it so."

Griffiths looked at the Captain "we need to retreat and replenish our shields Captain!" she advised.

"We're trying, Major, let's see if this helps," Frank said

Rouni brought the ship to 111 MK 14, "Captain ship in position." She then laid in coordinates for the corona of the star and awaited further orders. She knew this would take some tricky flying to pull this off. "Captain course set in to take us to the Corona of the star. Awaiting your orders."

[Main Engineering]

Arianna had her hands full. "Mark, switch to secondaries on the weapons and augment with fusion reactors 3 and 6. Paul brings online fusion reactors 2, 4, 5, and augment shields. George gets those inertial dampeners augmented with fusion reactors 7, and 8, and fine-tune the Structural Integrity fields" she hollered as the ship bucked again. Bringing the balance of the fusion reactors online, she shunted them into the engines. Watching the big board, the emergency forcefields popped in place on decks 7 and 8 indicating a breach. "Damn it!", she hollered. Turning quickly she pointed to Thomas and nodded her head and he went running with his DC team to the breached areas. Plasma weapons made life miserable in Engineering. As fast as they repaired one overload, another would blow causing everyone scramble to keep the shields, weapons, propulsion, online. Frustrated, she contacted the bridge. =/\= Engineering to Bridge, Captain we are trying to keep up down here, be advised we have a hull breach on decks 7 and 8. Emergency forcefields are in place and DC teams have been dispatched. I have boosted engines, shields and weapons systems the best I could short of shutting down all non-essential systems. Arianna out!=/\=

=/\= Noted =/\= Frank replied, as he focused on the fight and not that his wife was struggling to keep the ship going.


Chaos. Typical chaos for a ship under attack and taking damage. Lights flickering, violent shakes throwing items everywhere and the almost deafening noise of orders being yelled and people screaming for help. Outside of his staff, nobody was in Sickbay that did not need something. The few in good shape were helping bring people into Sickbay. Three more wounded were carried in.

"Doctor!" The nurse yelled to get his attention. He was just finishing an open fracture. He nodded to his tech standing next to him and went to hurry to his triage nurse. With all the ship damage, the Chief had not been able to manifest and it was up to him and his staff.

"What do you...I see." He said changing his sentence mid speaking it. One was clearly dead, the other was unconscious and covered in burns, the other was in rough shape and screaming. James pointed to each in order. "Cargo 2, Stasis chamber 4. Being him in and four ccs of morohenolog. Amber, get the Crewman into burn chamber 2. I got to repair a damaged liver if he is still in pain add another two ccs. If he won't stay still in there, sedated him."

He ran back to another bed. Frustrated that he was being forced to send dead bodies to the cargo bay, but he did not have the staff or the time to take proper care of them until this was all over. He looked at the Vulcan on the biobed in front of him. This was going to take some time, and he was running out of it and space. He hoped the Captain puts a torpedo down the Kazon throat soon and finished this. They were going to run out of people soon.

Continued Surprises - Conclusions


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