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Mission: Discovery
Location: Bridge


Lt Rouni was sitting in the centre chair as Comm Officer, Suddenly things began to happen, She heard alarms.

"All stations report,

Lt Rouni moved quickly to the flight controls and opened up all command protocols then set up everything. "Captain Flight Control is ready and able to execute all controls as needed. The ship has stopped 1.5 Kilometers off the starboard corner."

Frank was in his ready room when the red alert was sounded, he was just finishing his conversation with the Major. He quickly rushed to his chair and looked at the view screen a Kazon ship was there, and where there was one, there was usually more. “Status?” He asked his team on the bridge.

"Captain and XO to the Bridge. RED ALERT. A ship has appeared on our screen Captain. We are working to identify now Sir."

Lt Rouni moved quickly to the flight controls and opened up all command protocols then set up everything. "Captain Flight Control is ready and able to execute all controls as needed. The ship has stopped 1.5 Kilometers off the starboard quarter."

As the Major finished with her request the red alert sounded, she looked at the Captain as he rushed to his desk and pressed the communications button and spoke to the bridge.

[meanwhile... Stella-cartography]

Saffiya finished adding the data she'd received from Penn's long-range and subspace scans around the planet. Having studied the recent resonance trace signatures left by any warp-capable vessels then feeding their vectors data into the Stella cartography array to see where the ships in the sector ships had travelled to and from. This left a line of trace paths across this system and outwards to neighbouring systems like an expanding web, though most tended to go in one direction like a mainline. She forwarded the data to Penn's navigation/tactical systems as the most likely base or location of the Kazon operations in the sector.

Her attention was shattered by the red alert alarm klaxons and, finishing her work, she made her way to the Bridge...

[On the Bridge]

Sh’zyllit looked up from her console. “One vessel just appeared out of warp, possibly detecting on long-range sir,” she replied with monotone ease.

Griffiths was the first out of the CRR as she was the closest to the door "on-screen El-tee" Griffiths said standing opposite her chair and looking as the viewscreen came to life.

Sh'Zyllit split the main screen, showing visual of the nearby vessel with data overlaid. The other side of the screen showed tracking of possible other vessels, including probable data and direction.

"Magnification please, lets us see what ship we have!" Griffith's said as she recognised the style of ship and she sensed the Captain standing next to her "Kazon ship Captain, we do not yet know what class, but it is Kazon in style" she added finally looking at him.

Shri'Rao at tactical accessed the LCARS database looking for recognition patterns she had the answer in just a moment.

"Confirmed Sir. A predator class Kazon battlecruiser, She's coming in hot, Captain." Shri'Rao said.

“Let’s see what they want here, open hailing frequency,” Frank commanded from his chair.

“Frequency open,” Sh’zyllit stated.

”This is Captain Kamar of the Federation Starship USS Pennsylvania, to whom do I have the pleasure of speaking?” Frank replied.

The image snapped on and tan-coloured Kazon appeared. His hair looking wild even for Kazon. While only the mid-chest and above was being displayed on the viewer, it was clear he was wearing white furs from some sort of creature. Red specs dotted the fur. His eyes were dark and the angle of his forehead ridges gave him a wild, almost feral look.

"I am Maje Jal Breton, the left fist of the Ogla sect." He stated and beat his left hand against his chest. "You are called Federation?"

“We are members of the United Federation of Planets Maje Jel Breton. What is your business here?” Frank said before muting the channel. “Lieutenant Rouni, prepare to leave orbit at a moments notice.”

LT Rouni moves Pennsylvania into a better position so we are facing them nose to nose. She then works to maintain the ship's position in place. She knows this gives us a little more tactical advantage. She can hear thoughts from the crew and the Kazon ship. She does her best to block out everything going on by concentrating on what she is doing.

Suddenly Naomi was on guard, she had heard of the Kazon Ogla, you only had to read the reports from the Voyager crew to feel trepidation when they showed up unless it was required she remained silent and let the Captain do the talking.

Frank leaned over and whispered to the Major, “Get the response teams on standby and watch for transport signals.” The last thing he wanted was to have more of the survivors below kidnapped.

The Kazon was quiet for a moment, letting the Captains words hang. He slowly turned in a circle, his face tight, nodding as he made eye contact with others on his bridge. He completed his circle and looked back to the viewer and made eye contact with the Federation Captain. "Federation! The same Federation of Voyager? The same Federation of the Captain who spoke of peace between the sects and our former enslavers the Trabe and then allowed our former captors to attempt to assassinate our First Maje and all the rest? That Federation?" He said opening his arms wide, his voice dripping with contempt.

Frank took a deep breath, he knew they were in some trouble now, "Yes the same Federation as Admiral Janeway and the Voyager," he replied. "I do not wish to see bloodshed between our people, I would ask that you vacate this airspace immediately."

"Why should I leave? Does the Federation lay claim to all-stars and planets it comes across regardless of who has frequented them on this side of the galaxy?" He asked with a mocking tone to his voice. "We are here to take our harvest, and what is your talk of bloodshed? I have said no such thing nor have I made any threat!"

The Maje let his words hang in the air for a moment before a wicked smile crossed his face. "But since you brought it up..."

Frank was beginning to get pissed off with the Kazan, "Those souls that you call a Harvest are under my protection, if you do not leave the area immediately we will have no other choice than to assist you with changing your mind,"

Shri'Rao at tactical hit the security alert button on her console; a signal to let Ensign K'relar know to ready teams to repel boarders.

Lt Rouni as a Betezoid had telepathic powers that were natural. And even for her race, they were extremely strong. She sensed something and without thinking acted like she was adjusting her tunic and discreetly removed her hand phaser. She kept it out of sight from the view screen but was ready if needed.

LT Rouni turned her back to the screen and spoke softly,"Captain I am sensing hostile thought and unusual movements" as she returned to her post at the helm.

"Noted" the captain replied.

Saffiya entered the Bridge quietly and relieved an Ensign from the secondary helm station and took the seat. Her fingers danced across the controls as she checked Penn's sensor array and recent readouts from the Kazon vessel. What worried her, though, was the ease with which the Kazon vessel had managed to get so close to the Penn without altering Penn's long-range sensor array Wonder if they've borrowed stealth tech off some third party? she thought. A warning blip came in from the forward sensors and she quickly checked the readout.

(Saffiya muted the ship-to-ship comms for a moment) "Picking up a power fluctuation from their vessel Sir. not their main weapons... port side... Something else powering up" she advised before flipping the comms back on.


M'Relar and another Security officer joined together and walked fast throughout the ship and told them to go one way, she'd go another, within that the other security officer did just that. M'Relar walked fast too and sometimes ran to make sure other officers are nearby, she didn't take the turbo lift she short cut through the Jeffrey tubes it was faster to get around. She thought the turbo lift was too slow for what she needed to do.

Arianna was one step ahead and had engineering locked down, the core shielded, forcefields in place for all entry points in the main engineering, and the upper and lower deck access points locked down. If there was one thing she learned, it was how to keep unwanted guests out of her engine room. Flipping the switch on her newest addition, transporter inhibitors, now that would keep transports out as well. "We are completely locked down, but, just to be safe stay alert and arm yourselves," she said.


In Sickbay, the staff had been watching the monitor the Chief had showed them how to activate which gave a bridge view. It was nice to be in the loop and know what to expect. James stood up from his chair and looked at his staff. "Ok boys and girls. There be fighting words going on. We're about to get real busy. Make sure we're 100%." He ordered as he walked over to a small nondescript locker. He placed his hand on it and held it. "Trallos, James, Chief Medical Officer. Code Papa, Echo, Whiskey, 6-8-9-4." The locker made a click after the last number and opened. The doctor reached in and pulled out a type 2 phaser. "Grab your phaser. If the crew get in our doors that means they can't defend themselves. Security is probably going to be busy so we're on our own." He said as he began passing phasers out.

-Continued Part 2-


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