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A Simple request

Posted on Fri Jul 24th, 2020 @ 9:53am by Major Naomi Sylan Griffiths & Captain Frank Kamar Jr.

Mission: Discovery
Location: Ready Room

Frank led the way from the bridge to the Ready Room, as he entered he spoke,” Hot water,” to the replicator and then he sat at his desk. “What is it Major?” He asked knowing the Major was concerned. In the months they’d worked together he was beginning to learn more and more on her judgement and opinions.

Pulling out some fresh tea leaves, Frank began to steep them in the hot water while awaiting her response.

Coming in behind the Captain and standing at Parade rest as she organised things in her mind "I know you have ready my service jacket Captain and in it, you will see more administrative side of my assignments than of action, while I have seen combat, probably more than anyone on this ship, except yourself and I have felt an undercurrent of disapproval from some of the crew, it would seem not all are happy with a Marine First Officer Sir, I know I got this posting mainly because you were taking a predominantly science orientated ship into the Delta Quadrant and combat expertise was needed, but so far there has been more exploration and science than full combat. So I have worked things out and I have come to a decision on what I just mentioned, but it will not stop the questions on why did I do it" Griffiths said and paused.

Frank furrowed his brow and pinched the bridge of his nose, he wasn’t quite sure what his Xo was asking, “Major, at ease, I do have your service jacket and I think you’ve been exceptional as an XO. I know there was some uncertainty with your command position but I’ve written nothing but positive reports back to Starfleet, Major. I’m sorry there isn’t as much combat here as you’re used to, I’m not sure what exactly you’re asking for.”

Despite being given the request to stand at ease, Naomi did not adjust posture "I am asking for a transfer from marines to Command Sir on the following grounds while combat-experienced I have more hours behind a desk than in the field and the other is I think that the crew would feel a lot easier if they saw a Fleet Officer as XO and not a Marine I cannot stop them from thinking different things as to why I changed departments, but I can make things a little easier all around, so will you grant my request Captain? A Major is equal in rank level to a Lieutenant Commander this I know, but nothing except my undershirt will change colour and my rank insignia will change to pips instead of a leaf surrounded by laurel leaves" she said and fell silent. There it was she finally managed to do what she had meant to do the moment she got the posting, in the beginning, she hesitated as the mission was science and exploration orientated, but as they had capable marines on the ship, she felt her services as a marine was not required, this was the thought path that brought her to this present moment in time.

“Major, this an unorthodox request,” Frank began, “As a Marine, you served with excellence, in fact, you were highly regarded hence your posting here. If it is a member of our crew causing issues, I will remove the problem.” Frank was beginning to get upset, “ You’re a Marine and a damn fine one. I don’t see why you should give that up. If you want to become a Flag Officer Major, I will make it happen because it is what you want and not because you were pressured into it.” Frank was worried that the Major’s choice was due to peer pressure or ignorance from the crew. It was Starfleet policy to have Fleet Officers in the command position and if the Major wanted her own ship one day she would have to leave the Marines.

She looks at the Captain "convince me not to Captain" she challenged hiding a mischievous smile "he had succeeded in this task, but she did not want him to know he had done it, the marine in her wanted to make him work for his victory.

Kamar was a bit perturbed at having to convince his first officer not to switch branches and leave the Marines. “I will make two statements then you can make up your mind. You’re a strong-willed independent woman and you don’t need my input or advice but I’m giving it anyway.” The Captain held a finger, “One you are a Marine, and tough why would you let someone else’s opinion affect your entire career. You’re smart enough to know that when I’m a command position not everyone is going to agree with you or like the decisions that you make. Secondly Major, one word Legacy. You came to the Penn to be the first Marine Second Officer, on a science and exploration mission, not combat. Though we may find ourselves in an engagement with the Kazon this day, I hope we can avoid it. I apologize where was I,” Frank said as he got back on topic, “Legacy, you are a female Marine First Officer, this a forest for the Marines and Starfleet; if you give up now your reputation will be that you couldn’t make it work, and I will forever be the Captain who couldn’t work with a Marine XO. If you can stick it out and win the trust of the crew, your legacy the rest of your life and career will be based on the decision that you make here today. So Major, Do you give up and take the easy way or follow the old Maine motto Semper Fi, and seize the day?”

'awww, I think I should give him his victory' she thought to herself with a straight no-nonsense face "you are of course correct Captain, consider me convinced not to change departments. You can be quite convincing when you need to be Sir" she said using all her willpower not to smile, so if all this is now sorted Captain, may I return to my duties?" She asked.

Before Kamar could respond, the Red Alert sounded throughout the ship, "Let's get to work Major," Frank said as he led the way back to the bridge.

"Right behind you Captain" Naomi responded as she followed her Captain out 'always good to let the men think they win at things sometimes' she thought to herself as she entered the bridge shortly after the Captain.

Captain Frank Kamar
Commanding Officer
USS Pennsylvania

Major NS Griffiths
First Officer
USS Pennsylvania


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