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Re-Establishing Contact

Posted on Wed Jul 15th, 2020 @ 6:42am by Captain Frank Kamar Jr. & Sera Dega

Mission: Discovery
Location: Overseer Sera Dega's Console Room // Captain's Ready Room

Far away, within the hull of the DCS Venture's Gain, a pair of figures sat in a pair of chairs behind an oversized desk, readouts and displays showing the current status of the ship, and the list of tasks before her. One was highlighted, and flashed in some degree of casual urgency.

-' Pardon the intrusion Overseer, but an item flagged for your attention has come due. '-

The voice came from an autonomous drone, bipedal and humanoid in design, but obviously mechanical in nature. White and gold trim chassis, a single optic with a flared headframe, all the hallmarks of obvious mechanical design.

"Thank you Theta Four. I appreciate the reminder. Do we still have the comm frequency of the Pennsylvania in memory?" she asked the drone, who conferred with the local network architecture and the Thinking Engine deep within the ship. Computing speeds that boggled the mind searched through every used comm channel in the past twenty weeks. A match was found, and the response was forwarded to the appropriate drone in conversational time.

-' The comm channel is still in memory. Would you like to establish contact with the Captain of that ship, Captain Kamar? '-

She gave a pair of nods, "Yes, I think I would. Tell me, how do I look? Good enough to talk to another captain again?" and the drone assessed the forms before it. -' You appear in good health and mind. Contact with a new friend will help all sides. Do you wish to contact them now? '-

Sera gave a nod, "Yes please Theta Four. Open a comm channel to the Pennsylvania, if you would please."

-' Establishing comm protocols. Standby. '-

Frank was finishing an inspection in the Operations Department, now that there was a new Chief of Ops he wanted to keep a close eye on the Department. His badge beeped with a heavy accent, the Ensign notifies him of the contact from Overseer Dega,

“Send it to my Ready Room and secure the channel,” Frank replied quickly as he left for his Ready Room.

A few minutes later he was seated at his desk with a cup of Vulcan tea, when the comma channel was opened and indicated secure,”Greetings Overseer Dega, it is an honor to speak with you again, all is well I assume?” Frank said inquisitively.

"Always a pleasure to find someone that the art of conversation isn't lost on." one of the two forms on the screen replied. "Everything's actually going rather..."

"... well here. We just finished taking some interesting readings of a rather energetic nebula, and we're just waiting to finish cataloging the results before..."

"... we meet up with our escort and head on to the next marker. I actually just wanted to touch base, as it were, and see how things were going on your end." the conversation source moved from body to body, which might explain why they always sat close together in all the dealings that she had with the Captain.

Frank thought for a moment on his reply and decided to be straightforward with his response, “We found a habitable planet thanks to you, but we did find the remains of a wrecked starship there. The readings were hidden due to some obscure minerals and odd fog in the vicinity.” He decided it was best to not say anything about the Kazan kidnapping adults from the survivors descendants.

"A starship? Truly? That's interesting." she sounded honestly surprised, "Though, from what you said about the obfuscation, that might explain why the scanner probe..."

"... missed it in the assessment. Apologies." she paused, "I'm pleased that it met your needs. As you could imagine, looking forward to hearing your progress neighbor." she offered with a pair of smiles.

"If you need anything, or just want to chat, please consider this channel always open. The Republic wants for nothing else than prosperity."

She paused for a moment, "A starship, truly? Now I'm curious."

"It appears there were survivors of the shipwreck, and their descendants currently live on the small island. We are trying to determine what caused the wreck, I can keep you informed as we solve this puzzle," Frank explained. The surprise of the Overseer made him feel slightly better, he was worried that they had intentionally sent him here for nefarious reasons.

"Descendants? Oh dear. That would imply that they've been there for some time. Now I feel guilty, if we knew, then maybe we would have offered..."

"... them assistance, tried to get them home." she paused, and then sat up a little straighter, "Well, no time like now I suppose. If you find out where they..."

"... originated from and if they want to make the trip home to, I guess, a world they never knew, we'll certainly assist in the relocation if you can't handle the..."

"... number of refugees. It's the least I can do."

“I’m still trying to determine the exact number of refugee descendants, I will contact you if I need assistance. Your offer is gracious and I do thank you.” Frank replied. “Do you know anything about the Kazan operating in this area?” He asked.

"The Kazon are operating there? Oh dear, if I knew the planet was in a dangerous region I'd have recommended against it." she sounded pretty worried. Did she make a mistake sending them the coordinates to that world? It fit all their other criteria perfectly.

"I'll stay on standby to offer aid to relocating refugees. If you require any military aid, though, I'll have to run that request up the channels." she stated. Seemed that no matter where you went in the cosmos, bureaucracy was a standard.

"Thank you, Overseer Dega for the offer, I will be in touch with you if assistance is needed. I hope our paths cross again soon, so my ship may host yours. I wish you fair winds and following seas" Captain Kamar ended with an old naval saying.

Though she was unfamiliar with the origin, a blessing was a blessing no matter the culture. "And Dia's grace protect you, and the refugees. Dega out." and the contact ended.

She took a breath and held it for a moment. What to do what to do. "System, contact the ICS Accretion's Fall." and the Dalacari comm system realigned to contact their current escort craft. The image on the Overseer's console went from a blank screen to a figure dressed in a sharp military uniform, different from Sera's own casual uniform in every possible way. Sleek, official, a dark shade of green with a muted hexagonal print pattern along the fabric. Rather than the binary instance life that was the Dalacari, the figure in the image was singular in nature, and resembled something of an evolved, upright rabbit than the Dalacari's own unique appearance.

"Ship second Vasir on comm. How can I assist?"

Overseer Sera Dega
DCS Venture's Gain
Dalacari Republic

Captain Frank Kamar
Commanding Officer
USS Pennsylvania


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