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physical time

Posted on Fri May 15th, 2020 @ 8:57am by Ensign Simon Hunter & Lieutenant JG James Trallos MD
Edited on on Sat May 16th, 2020 @ 9:52am

Mission: Discovery
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD1: 10:30Hrs


After leaving the Cargo bay and Major Sharpe, Simon had walked towards the ships Sickbay still in deep thought about the mess that had unfolded before him with the limited resources available to him, he had to ask the CMO what he was missing whilst having his physical being done as it was more of killing two birds with one stone. as he hoped that some of the inventory that had arrived was for medical. As he turned the corner and found himself outside Sickbay. As he entered inside the Medical bay, Simon Called, " Hello, Anybody here?" as he hoped that someone was as he had to go meet up with PO Anderson for an update on the situation that they found themselves in, he hoped that there was some good news to be had.

James was looking over some preliminary surface scans of the new planet. He had been trying to draw parallels to the plant life to known plants in the alpha or beta quadrant with little luck. He shook his head. "Damnit Jim your a doctor, not a botanist. Why are you tormenting yourself?" He mumbled to him self. Then he heard the call. "In the office, come on in."

upon hearing being called, Simon entered the office and said, Hi, I'm Ensign Simon Hunter, assistant chief Operations," as he came to a stop before the desk, he continued, " I am here for my scheduled Physical upon boarding a new vessel," as he handed over the PADD that held his transfer Orders. he finished "and whilst I'm here I need to know what you are missing in supplies," as he looked back at the CMO.

"Hmm?" He asked looking over the PADD. "Oh, I'm sorry Ensign, I lost all track of time. It's been blending for a little bit here. Come on out and take your pick of biobeds. As for supplies, due to shrinkage and loss or an order that I'm expecting?" James said as he stood up and picked up his lab coat.

"I'm looking into missing half of supplies that vanished before coming here," replied Simon looking back at him as he followed the Chief Medical officer out of the office, he continued "and I need a run down of what is there from each department," as he knew his next port of call would be Security before he met back up with Petty officer Anderson.

James began turning on equipment. "I'll get ya a copy of my requisitions list. Some equipment and a little bit of medicine I believe. Not a whole lot on my list if I recall. Aside from missing supplies and a logistics nightmare, how are you feeling?"

"Thanks for that Doc," replied Simon as he looked back at the medical Officer, "I feel fine, the journey was a bit longer than I expected," he continued as he slid up onto the nearest Bio-bed and waited for the scans to start.

James began running his scans. "I understand that. My shuttle had to take a couple detours before we got to the catapult. I missed the bus so had to bunk on a supply ship for the trip here." He started pulling a blood sample as the systems did quick diagnostics. "They just take my medicine supplies or they hit everyone else too?"

"That's what I'm trying to find out," Replied Simon as he wasn't sure how to tell him, as he stated," This is the list of what we got in white and in red is what is missing," as he looked back at the Medical Officer. he finished," I am going to see all the other Department heads after I finish here," as he hoped that this was not the case.

James set the blood in an analyzer and started moving his tricorder around the patient. "Hhmm, well I'm hopping that it's just me and it's a matter of forgotten or misplaced supplies." He sighed. "Although this ain't our first rodeo with someone trying to deter us from doing our mission out here. Keep your options open, but I'm hopping for the best. And if some shore leave opens up, I'd highly recommend you take it. Cortisol levels are a little elevated but nothing a little R and R can't fix."

"Let's just say that Half of all the requisitions that came through today was what is ordered," replied Simon as he looked back at the medical officer "and I need to know what was asked for by yourself and other department Heads," as he looked back again once more, He finished " I do Have Petty Officer Anderson working with the Base Stores manager to find out where it went,"

"I've got full faith in you Ensign. I'll have that list of supplies to you before you can get back to the office. Everything else here looks to be good and in order, your cortisol levels the exception. Once you get this thing run to ground or at a point your waiting on others, I want you to hit the holodeck for some R&R. Doctor's orders." James said signing the order in his PADD. "Will help you return to the task with a fresh mind as well."

"Copy that Doc," replied Simon as he hoped that Emily had some good news for him when he met up with her, as he knew that he had not long been here and yet the CMO was requesting that he get R&R. but he knew not to disobey the orders of the Ship's Chief medical officer, he said " As soon as I get this sorted I will do," as he didn't want the Captain to get angry when he was informed of this mess.

"Understandable Ensign. It dies make it pretty hard to relax when you have something like this looking over. Once you get this thing sorted out though, take a break. We're out here for a long haul so don't let yourself burn out too quick. Fair?" The doctor asked and signed off on the chart.

" I won't Doc," replied Simon as he looked back at the Pennsylvania's Chief Medical officer, He continued, "Maybe after shift we can go get a drink?" as he knew that he would need to relax after such a shit storm of a first day as he walked over towards the door and looked back at the officer..

"That sounds like a good plan. I'll meet you there at 1900. First rounds on me." The doctor said and wished the Ensign good luck in his investigation.


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