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A Total Mess

Posted on Sat May 9th, 2020 @ 1:16pm by Petty Officer 1st Class Emily Anderson
Edited on on Sat May 16th, 2020 @ 9:51am

Mission: Discovery
Location: Quartermasters Office
Timeline: MD1: 10:30Hrs


Now having had the assistant Chief of Operations and now the Pennsiyvaina's XO now looking over her shoulder due to some missing stores, Emily had now returned to Her own small office after talking Ensign Hunters duffle bag to his new Quarters, before taking her place at the terminal, she tapped a few commands upon the replication unit that was built in to the wall, She thought to herself, oO Please that is all holy, don't make this an even bigger fuck up than it is, Oo as the cold drink arrived.

As the drink began to solidify upon the shelf, she picked it up and walked over to her desk whilst taking a sip of the cool liquid, she sat down at the desk tapped a few commands as she opened up a channel to the Base Operations, She said,=/\= Sir, I need to speak with Petty Officer Jennifer Wren as a Matter of urgency =/\= as she took another sip of her drink, this wasn't good, missing supplies and both of her bosses not happy with the situation.

=/\= I'm afraid Petty Officer Wren is off duty at the moment, Can I take a message?=/\= asked the young Operations officer who had just occupied the stations Operations console on the night shift, as he could see that this was not a happy Petty officer. as he started quickly tapping commands upon his console as he knew things were not going to go well and wanted to stay out of it.

=/\= Yes please, it is rather Urgent, as the ship's XO and Chief Operation's Officer are not happy with a situation that has arisen, =/\= she responded looking at the young officer once more as the screen quickly changed to that of a Brunette that was not happy. as she once again sipped her cold drink he said =/\= Hey Jen, how are you?=/\= as she tried to be calm before the storm hit when she explained the problem to Jen.

Jennifer Wren sat in her white robe as the screen flicked on as the screen changed from the federation symbol to that of her friend Petty Officer Emily Anderson, She asked her friend, =What in the hell is it so urgent that you have to wake me up Emily?=/\= as she brushed her hair from her face. she wasn't at all happy about being woken up at this time as her friend started to outline the problem.

=/\= We have a major problem Jen, the Pennsylvania is missing this stuff from the inventory that I requested, =/\= replied Emily as she sent over both lists to her friend, =/\= And I have the Chief Ops and the XO on the case, =/\= as she frowned taking a sip of her drink. she conclude, =/\= and they are not happy and Ensign Hunter tore into the poor porter that brought the supplies,=/\=

Jennifer looked at her screen as the two lists appeared she said, =/\= What the hell, that's half the list missing,=/\= as she screen changed back to Emily, she continued, =/\= I signed the order myself Emily to ship them to the Pennsylvania, are you telling me you only got half? =/\= as now she understood the problem and was not happy to say the least as this made her look bad, she said +/\= you do know that this makes the base stores look bad and that we have a thief in our ranks=/\= as she hated having to report to the Base commander her own findings.

Emily responded =/\= yep that's what I'm saying and I have to report back in 12 hours =/\= as she took another sip of her cold drink, she continued, =/\= you do know that when my CO finds out I'm going to get roasted for this,=/\= as she started to wonder if this was going to hurt her chances at a commission to the officer Ranks.

=/\= Well then, I'd better get dressed and head back to my office to start making calls,=/\= replied Jennifer who now was not a happy bunny and with the clock now ticking and her office now in the thick of things, Jen finished, =/\= I'll call you later with any information I can gather, Wren out,=/\= as the Channel closed and the picture changed back to the Federation emblem Jen got up and headed back to the head to get showered and dressed.

Meanwhile Emily watched as he friend closed the channel, she thought to herself oO well, now the wheels are turning and I hope that the Captain does not have a Fit when he finds out, Oo as she finished off her drink and began making her own calls to her staff.


PO1 Emily Anderson [NPC by Ensign Simon Hunter]
USS Pennsylvania


PO1 Jennifer Wren [NPC by Ensign Simon Hunter]
Star Base Quartermaster


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