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Meeting Command

Posted on Mon May 18th, 2020 @ 10:05pm by Captain Frank Kamar Jr. & Ensign M'Relar K'relar

Mission: Discovery
Location: USS-Pennsylvania

M`Relar was walking along the Arboretum as she smiled looking around in the area, and like the floral contact that is around her being a Caitian. She was told she can meet the Captain here, so she kept walking around as she tapped her comm badge. "Captain Kamar, This is Ensign M'Relar K'relar your Operations officer I was told we can meet here
In The Arboretum." The young Caitain said as she kept walking around and enjoying the sites in the Arboretum.

Captain Kamar stepped into the arboretum, he was between meetings and coordinating away missions, the next meeting he decided would be somewhere other than his office or ready room. He was going to miss Lieutenant Grunn, but he had to discuss the new duties that Ensign K'relar would be handling as the acting Chief. As he walked through the trees he spotted the Caitan walking. "Good afternoon Ensign," he said as he walked up beside her.

M'Relar jumped as she was getting startled," You scare me, sir, the young caitian said to him."I'm Ensign M'Relar K'relar I'm your new Operations officer." She said to him as she faced him face to face so she can straight talk to her commanding officer, the right way, and making sure they get to the point of each other.

"At ease Ensign, I apologize for starling you. Thank you for meeting me here on short notice. As you know Lieutenant Grunn has gone to the Iota Station for an undisclosed task. In his absence, I would like you to be the Acting Chief of Operations. I believe it will give you an opportunity to advance in both knowledge and experience," Frank explained as he stood facing the Caitan.

M'Relar nodded as she listened to the captain speak. "Understood Sir," The young Caitain said in a Sternly way understanding what the situation was.

“As the acting Chief Operations Officer, you will be on the bridge more, and attending Department Head meetings; this can be overwhelming so if you need help ask the XO or myself. This is a great opportunity for you Ensign. Are you ready for it?” Frank asked with a slight smile.

M'Relar grinned at her Captain "I will do my best I can sir." The young Caitian told her superior officer.

"Ensign there is one more thing before you go, there is a second Assistant Chief of Operations arriving in a day or two. He is an Ensign also, I'd like the two of you to work together, because one of you will end up becoming the Chief," Frank explained.

M'Relar nodded her furry head, "Yes Sir I understand." She said to him.

“Ensign, good luck. If you need anything my office is always open. I look forward to seeing you at the next Department Head meeting,” Captain Kamar replied as he raised his hand to shake hers.

M'Relar smiled as she shook her furry caitain hand to the Captain.

Frank nodded to the Ensign and walked away hoping she would take the opportunity to grow in her career path.



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