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The joy of transferring

Posted on Wed May 13th, 2020 @ 8:58am by Lieutenant JG James Trallos MD & Ensign M'Relar K'relar

Mission: Discovery
Location: Medbay

James looked at his Chrono and double-checked his PADD. His schedule was light today, which was always nice. He saw there were a few mid-flight changes that happen just prior to going to yellow alert and all the busyness happened. He saw a new officer had joined the ranks and was still needing the customary checkup. He had the time, hopefully, she did too.

M'Relar walked by Med Bay as she walked in to see the CMO."Hello, I'm Ensign M'Relar K'relar and I'm ready for my Exam." The young Caitain said.

"Impeccable timing Ensign. Come on over and hop on the biobed." He said turning on some monitors. "How are you adjusting to life in Pennsylvania?"

M'Relar looked at the doc with a smile, "So far everything is what Earthlings say Kosher." The young Caitain said to him as she got on the Bio Bed to be looked at as she purred some. "Oh can you check my right leg, please." she said to him, "I don't know If I just sprained it when I tripped getting or what." It hurts when I walk on it." She told the CMO.

"Of course," James said and began to run a scanner down her leg. "I'm glad you're adjusting well. You said you tripped?" He asked as he ran the scanner along the length of her leg and then examining the rest of her body.

M'Relar smiled with a soft purr as she watched the Doctor do his duty, "I was trying not to show pain." M'Relar said as she continued to watch him.

James looked up and smiled. "It's ok to express pain here Ensign. In fact it's encouraged so I know there is something wrong. What were you doing when you tripped? He asked and looked over some scan results. "And let me know if any of this hurts." He said and started palpating her leg above the spot and worked down to it.

M'Relar watched the doctor and started Growling."Damn it that part hurts doc." M'Relar continued growling as she watched the doctor looking at her one leg.

"Apparently," James said and straightened up. Not his first patient to growl at him, just the first today. Everyone from every species hated when a doctor's started poking around to see if things hurt. He was not a fan of causing pain to his charges, but sometimes it is the best way to confirm or diagnose.

"Well Ensign, it looks like you have some microtears on your adductor femoris muscle. The good news is I can get you fixed up in no time flat. The bad news is you won't miss much of your shift." The doctor advised as he picked up the dermal regenerator and brought it online. "So what brought you to the DQ?"

M'Relar grinned." Just checking out a new part of space known as DQ.. The young caitain watched the doctor at his work.

The doctor smiled. "I can't fault anyone for that. A lot of people, including myself joined Starfleet to explore and discover. Instead you find yourself on known planets fighting former allies or one peacekeeping mission to another. It's enjoyable to leave that all countless light-years away and get back to exploration." He spoke as he ran the tool over her leg a few times, made a small adjustment and made another pass.

M'Relar nodded to the doctor and understood what he was talking bout, while watching him fix her up."I understand where you are coming from Doctor." The young caitian said.

Satisfied with treatment, James picked up his scanner to check his work and continue with the rest of her scans. "Well, hopefully this new planet we're heading to is as good as our new friends say it is. Our first month out here, before you came here was a bit rough. We lost a few good people." A tone sounded from his scanner. " There we go, how does this feel?" He asked and put his hand on her leg where he was working.

M'Relar smiled."Feels better Doctor, Thank you very much for the repairs." The young Caitain smiled at the CMO,for a job well done.

"You're very welcome Ensign. I'd take it easy the next day or so. I know that it will be hard if we get some shore leave soon, but do your best. How else are you doing?" James asked making a final scan on the medical reports.

M'Relar smiled after feeling better."I'm great now, thank you, doctor ." M'Relar purred, as she wagged her tail and enjoying the fact of feeling better now.

"Of course. I'm glad I could help. Don't need to be her to see me. With that aside, you're actually in pretty good condition all in all." He replied with a smile.

M'Relar purred some more as her tail wagged, she wasn't sure about something. "Did you also do my Physical
Right?' The young caitian asked the Doctor.

"Yes, just general physical scans and the little more detailed one on your leg. Is there something your concerned about?" He asked.

M'Relar looked at the Doctor," I can't think of anything did you see anything in your scans?" M'Relar asked with concern . She got a bit concerned on what he said.

James looked through his scans one more time. Squinting a little as he read results. "Just as I suspected when you came in here." He paused a moment. "You're in prime health with the leg aside, which is repaired and putting you in contention to be one of the fittest crew on this boat." James looked up from the scans. "That's something to be proud of Ensign, and I should probably take a page from that book." He said looking down at his uniform that was getting a little snug around the waist.

M'Relar smiled yo the doctor,"Thank you Doctor." M'Relar smiled then saw the doctor pulling down his shirt that that looks snug. "Doctor Time for a new uniform shirt sir." M'Relar." M'Relar kitty giggled.

The doctor looked down. "Yeah, and to visit the gym more than once a year and to go easier on the chicken fried chicken and gravy. Just love that old home food though." He said with a sigh and a shrug. He probably should cut back and attempt to exercise at least two or three times a week. "But you're in prime shape."

M'Relar nodded to the Doctor."I'm glad about that, Doc." She said to him with a brief smile, as she got off the biobed to walk by the doctor getting relaxed on a regular chair cause The biobed was bothering her some.

James made a few notes on his chart and walked over to her. "Everything is in order. Is there anything else I can do for you Ensign?"

The young caitain looked at him and smiled, and Purred, "Nope that should it doc thanks Doctor." M'Relar said with
a purr.


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